Wednesday, December 02, 2020  

OKAY, WAIT. THIS YEAR HAS BEEN MY ALL-TIME FAVORITE. I love 2002! It's been filled with family visits, tons of trips, outdoor adventures, exciting work accomplishments, great friends, new life, and of course, LUKE! Luke has been my number one buddy who only enhances the flavor of my days. His toddler stage is hilarious, precious, exciting and always a challenge. He loves to paint beside me, and even dapples in my palette of oils (yikes). We love afternoons at the park and hanging out with fun playmates. Most of all, Luke has made me into a major hockey fan and player. In fact, instead of "mommy," I'm often referred to as "hockey." My car, his bed, our living room all contain at least one stick. I guess he's becoming a true northeastern boy, whose parents encourage him by giving him the "Canadian" hockey haircut...mullet with curls.

Another highlight of this year included a beautiful blonde who lived with us for 5 weeks. She was born in Colorado, understands English, German, and French, and did a great job "mothering" Luke. Sedona, a lovely golden retriever, was part of our family when her owner, Thomas, was working in Europe. Oh, we miss her and can't wait to get our hands on her again! Todd and I spent good times training for local triathlons. We had fun improving our swimming strokes, cycling techniques and running times together. Luke was a great fan and cheerleader, too! We are excited for the upcoming season, and hoping our next little bundle enjoys the early weekend outings as much as Luke does.

Ooh, which brings me to major excitement--I'm again with child! I so love being pregnant; I already have those curves that I enjoy so much. Nights are filled, once again, with little kicks from our funny fetus. I swear I felt kicks at 10 weeks...we're in for some major trouble :) Luke loves my belly and the bebe inside, and often insists on lifting my shirt (to my chin!) for all to see. He nestles his face into it and lovingly chirps "day-dee" into my skin. He's going to be the best big brother, and we are going to be the luckiest and most thankful parents!

We hope your year has been fruitful and merry. Thanks for being a great part of our life!

Happiest New Year to You!

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