Tuesday, April 23, 2024  

I AM GOING TO BEGIN WITH THE CURSORY, ANNUAL REFERENCE to being really busy and move on. It has been an amazing and speedy year. Our newest addition, Ben Charles, has been most amazing. Who knew there would be a day when all I could say is that, "Kids are really cute"?

The contrasts between Luke and Ben are really surprising. They are so amazing in their own way, and even though I've been through it recently with Luke, Ben is his own person. I must admit that is the most fun part and most contrary to my expectations. Luke has clearly established the seeds of his persona, and I love it. Due to recent experience, I feel like I have more insight into Ben's development than I did with Luke. Thus, watching his personality emerge is exciting and surprising.

The synopsis list follows: Found out we're having our second boy, "completed" home renovation, went to Barbados, Luke turned two, Ben was born, replaced asphalt with grass and built a sandbox, Luke & Kate Ahmann's wedding at Sugarbush, VT, Libby's surprise birthday party and Libby ran the NYC marathon.

That's a pretty good list for having two kids younger than two (it's my reflection I can boast if I want to). We'll look to add several more family rendezvous's to next year's list. Our boys love to travel, and airplanes are always a hit.

Knowing that time would be too tight to properly train for triathlons (and knowing how much it hurt), I replaced tri's with squash as my athletic endeavor-of-the-moment. No, not as my favorite vegetable. I used to mock squash players before I ever saw the game, but I can safely say that it's my favorite individual sport I've ever played...and I've played a few. Excellent physical and mental combination. Boston may have the best squash in the country so I'm sure that helps. Physically, there's quite a bit of start-and-stop pounding, but, surprisingly, my lower back pain has been quite manageable.

I won't speak too much for Libby, but I'm really proud of her as always. Getting through delivery with Ben was extremely tough. She managed and about four months later achieved her personal best in the NYC marathon. Amazing. I give her great credit for helping shape our two beautiful boys into young people I love to love. It's a tough task, and I couldn't be happier.

The summary is that, once again, I'm pleased to say that it's been a great year, and I'm thankful for my family and friends. Thanks for continuing to make the site feel like an extremely worthwhile endeavor.

Happy holidays!

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